What is car insurance? And How to take a Loan

What is car insurance? :- Friends how you guys are very welcome to you in the new episode of geekyradar.com friends win friend cause Soren or a lot of our bos about bike insurance to him a lot of people who have a lot of dots and don’t know which insurance of their car For or from where they should be taken and from where they should take, Let me tell you about it a little bit today, I will not go into too much sinking, so that you understand the basic things that you should take and what is the use of it.

What is car insurance?

how you will or will not take it or not, then we will talk about the comprehensive and the cat, along with it, let us first talk about what is the third party prince, as we know in India, which is the movement in insurance. Entry is necessary for everyone to take the other, which is the police who fine if one does not have insurance or has an experience, always a lot of people who have third party insurance because it is very cheap because if they are not ininsurance or experience. You will import your car, which you take in surinsurance insurance, you also have a fee of about twenty-four rupees, but what is the benefit of the third party insurance, if it is the price of the price, what is the benefit, I want to tell you.

How to take a loan

If you learn to get an accident because of your mistake, your car is damaged and your car gate is also needed for medical assistance on a vehicle damaged vehicle, if you need medical systems in third party insurance, if there is any cost or Then, for the expenses that have been incurred for the damage of your watch, the insurance company that is not in life has not seen any money for you, yes, whatever the philosophy with which you have hit the train, whatever the party speaks to it, whatever the train is damaged. For that, you can claim if the person sitting in it has lost his life or he needs any medical assistance and whatever is the cost that the insurance company can do for you but you have no one for your own car. Health your car if the sports train is from a world to a sikri, there is nothing like it is not a third party, no one is of the table or there is no claim of medical stan.


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